Thursday, May 5, 2016

Around Town and in the Game

I've been feeling at odds with birding as of late, opting to sleep in, do chores, etc. However that hasn't stopped some notable feathered friends from tugging at my heart strings to keep me in this game we call birding.

Impromptu suet placed out to entice my visiting Summer Tanager to stay

On May 3rd during a day of chores and gardening around the house, a Summer Tanager showed up at my feeders in my small urban backyard. I spotted this yellow bird feeding on safflower on the ground. Curious, I took a closer look with binoculars, "Holy crap! It's a Summer Tanager!"

Yesterday, I checked my local shorebird spot in Fort Atkinson as I often do en route from work or other banal daily activities. "Holy crap, there's a Marbled Godwit!"

Neither species are ├╝ber rarities in Wisconsin. Both appear annually, but are considered difficult to get. Yet seemingly both were much too easy for me this year. They sort of just snuck up on me and were right there with very little effort on my part other than my being aware and keeping my eyes open!

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