Sunday, October 5, 2008

Trials and tribulations

Well after throwing tarps and blankets over most of the garden beds, most plants survived widespread frost on Friday night. A few tips of the mostly spent tomato plants are visibly damaged. These were tips that were touching the underside of the tarps. For next year I will need to remember some cloth even thin between the tops of plants and the tarp is more effecting at escaping frost damage. Amazingly the garden in the center of the yard which is mostly ornamentals seemed undamaged by the frost with out any added protection. I did water all the beds on Friday to give all plants the best shot at surviving the first substantial widespread frost of the season.

On another note, my efforts with flame weeding the lawn were unsuccessful as I see evidence already of the widespread clover coming back. I take the clover over the other true weeds as it

Friday, October 3, 2008

First Frost

Last night, patchy frost. Most of the garden survived with the exception of some hostas along the fence and the sweet pepper plant in the raised bed on the south side against the house. The sweet pepper plant was looking a little wilted this morning but for the most part in tact. I revived with some water. I was under the false impression my plants nearer to structures would escape the frost under the theory that structures would give off heat. Guess not. Looking forward to digging up plants today to salvage indoors especially some late bloomers that have yet to show