Friday, May 22, 2009

No time

My garden is taking off and behind with planting. So much to do and little time to report. Been taking lots of pictures this spring birds, native plants and progress in the backyard garden. Once I get a "leg up" with getting the rest of my plants in I plan to organize my photos and post more details. Hope everyone else is having a fantastic spring, getting outdoors more and computing less.

We just returned from a six day trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula and once again this spring were rewarded with awesome looks at some of the lesser seen warblers. Our faves were the male Canada Warbler at Whitefish Point Bird Observatory and the 'warbler wave' seen on Mission Hill in Brimley which delighted us with up-close, eye-level views of Bay Breasted and Cape May Warblers again and again and again. Then the whole trip was topped off by a wolf sighting during the day. The size and height of this animal was pure wolf (not a wimpy coyote). As we approached in our vehicle the wolf scurried into the woods, briefly stopping in the woods within 25-30 feet to peer into our souls. Then mystically, within a blink of the eye, the great creature was gone. SO COOL!