Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ruby Rules the Roost

Tonight I visited Koshkonong State Wildlife for an evening walk with the birds. The setting sun lit the trees for some splendid views of Myrtle Warblers and Ruby-crowned Kinglets along with smattering of other songbirds.

This Ruby-crowned Kinglet was joyfully going about his foraging oblivious to my presence or calls for attention (pishing).

He kept his ruby crown well hidden.

Then suddenly became attentive. "Hark who goes there?!"

"An imposter!"

And in a proverbial Ruby-crowned Kinglet style of opening up a can of whip-ass, he flared this crown and belted into song.

"Take that!"

While the Myrtle Warblers looked on, "what the hell is all the racket down there?


Seagull Steve said...

Crown documented. Well crushed. I salute you.

one of many said...