Monday, September 14, 2015

Inspiring Art

I've been rather busy the past few days between exploring natural areas new to me and returning to the familiar for some excellent tiger-beetling. With three blog posts kicking around in my head and online this was not the one I intended to write, but the one that compelled me this eve.

Today I visited Silverwood County Park in far eastern Dane County close to my residence. I visited twice, once mid day and then later this afternoon to explore a new section of the park along Rice Lake in search of migrants.

I encountered small flocks of migrants and a paucity of warbler species, five to be exact. However the views were close, so I was delighted regardless of the limited bird species.

Bay-breasted Warbler, Silverwood Park, Dane County

But the entity which transcended me this eve was exploring the art installations of ten silos at the main park entrance. Though I noted them in passing as I headed toward the woods in search of birds, they sparked my interest when I returned to find them illuminated by the setting sun. From what I gathered the installations were intended to be future visions of what this newly established Dane County park might be.

I presume much of the material used within each installation came from the old stone farmhouse on the property that appears to be in the process of restoration...found objects of lace, other fabrics, tools, old dolls, appliances, accessories, dishes and so on...

There was one installation in particular with it's juxtaposing vertical lines against spiral cross sections of an old tree and an incredible interplay with the setting sunlight that spoke to me above the rest. These are the peaceful distractions that inspire living and creativity...

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