Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Vegetable Seedlings Emerge!

Friday we finally got some 80 degree weather here in the Midwest. With the warmer temps, I am finally seeing my greens emerging (spinach, arugula, various lettuce and green varieties) and radishes.

The raised cedar beds are nearly complete. Just a few screws to secure my fence posts. I am finding it necessary to fence my beds as our yard has become a refuge for the squirrels and rabbits, of which both are Nazis when it comes to my flowers and vegetables. For the 2nd time this spring, despite my fencing around the strawberries, squirrel bastard dug up several strawberry plants, leaving them to dry and perish on top of the soil. He also ransacked my bareroot Bellwort planting, taking one small nibble and again leaving the roots to lie and perish. Fortunately I caught the travesty early enough and rescued the plant by soaking the roots which effectively revived the bareroot. I feel like I am on constant patrol.

It appears this year, my large flourishing Virginia Bluebells are not going to return. I fear I may have dug them up when I transplanted a junk perennial later in the season last year. I have a few smaller plants in other locations around the yard, but this plant was spectactular and well-established. Boo hoo.

Today a cold front moved in with thunderstorms dropping the temp from 85 degrees yesterday to late afternoon low today of 45 degrees. Despite the rain and cold outside I managed to get some broccoli raab, snow and sugar snap peas and more scallions planted. I also replenished the strawberry bed with additional bareroot plantings where the squirrel did his mischief. Tomorrow more fencing before the peas quickly emerge and the critters get to them. I am still puzzling as to how to keep the squirrels and chipmunks out of my vegetables. The rabbit proof fence isn't doing the trick (on a side note the movie Rabbit Proof Fence is highly recommended).

Well that's all for now on the garden front. Posts of garden photos to follow when I get better organized.

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