Monday, April 27, 2009

Bad Squirrel!

Well this weekend I caught the squirrel in the act of leaping over my fence into the strawberry patch. Just as he was ready to do his dirty work of digging up the plants only to leave them waste and die, not even to make a meal of the tasty roots and greens, I quickly cranked open the window and yelled, "Hey! Get out of there! Bad squirrel." And voila the squirrel listened and ran. For two days now he has been on good behavior. I hope it lasts. After all we have been totally feeding him and his family with the safflower seed they indulge in daily, the food which provided them the lush furry coats they had this winter. How about some gratitude. I guess a little conversation or bit of scolding CAN work some temporary magic with the wee non-human creatures.


Scott said...

Fun to hear your struggles with squirrels ! Though I know that sounds perverse, I just mean that I've had my share of squirrel challenges myself. 2 years ago I tried to grow a little "cornfield" of about a dozen plants of ornamental corn. The plants were "allowed" by the squirrels to get about 2 or 3 inches tall, until, one morning I walked out to do the daily garden tour, and they had felled every one of the corn seedlings like a clearcut forest ! I had squirrels in my attic the first year I was in my house also. I usually admit that I am simply the squirrels gardener. Any new patch of sod I dig up with intentions of planting something, the squirrels feel is their newest place to dig, and thank you very much for considering us ! So, I am now trying to make some peace with the lusty coated & bushy tailed rats. I think that diversity of plants might help some and also maybe planting some patches of things they might go for that you don't really care if they do, sort of decoys. I am now reading "Undaunted Courage", about the Lewis and Clark journey, and how they saw large groups of squirrels migrating from North to South across the Ohio River early in their progress. At least we don't have masses of them like that ! Sorry also to hear about your Virginia Bluebells ! Thanks for having me in your blog list !

v8_grrl said...


get a bb gun...might be more fun