Monday, April 24, 2017

Pneumonia FML

Yep, the diagnosis is in, I've managed to contract pneumonia just in time for spring migration. After suffering with fevers and coughing since last Monday, I finally submitted myself to blood tests, chest x-rays and examination as of Friday to determine the extent of my illness. Ugh.

I'm supposed to rest and stay hydrated, but I have always trended toward being a risk-taker. Therefore despite my malaise and generalized weakness, I've managed to chase a few birds over my week of decline.
Black-necked Stilts, Co V &C ponds, Dane Co, WI 19April2017
And despite the quite seriously prescribed rest, I could not resist some small excursions between house hunting to look for spring migrants. None of this, the house hunting or walking trails looking for birds, is what the nurse practitioner envisioned in the care plan prescribed for me.

Anyway, being dealt pneumonia just in time for spring migration BLOWS. While it takes little energy to drive to find shorebirds or ducks. The warblers are the pinnacle, the crème de la crème of the season as are the spring ephemerals and insects. This is the time of year I want to walk the trails for hours lingering with the warblers and kneel down in the earth to appreciate Nature's treasures. Alas I will have to swallow the bitter pill that this year will be different. My endurance is not what it needs to be to fulfill my aspirations for the season.

American Lady, Parisi Park, MIddleton, WI 22April2017

I've pretty much missed the Pasqueflowers. It is unlikely I will have the time or energy to visit the myriad of areas where I could admire this exquisite ephemeral. I am working on taking heart in the simple delights I can afford, things that may have become banal to those hitting the trails daily. My days are highlighted by sightings such as the first Chipping Sparrow in my yard.

Chipping Sparrow, my yard (for now(, Jefferson Co, WI 23April2017

And brief roadside stops to admire my first of season Palm Warblers.

Palm Warbler, Jefferson Co, WI 22April2017
On occasion I find time for brief visits to various birding hotspots at low key times of the day for both birds and birders. I'm keeping my birding subdued, on key and peaceful, grateful for the small collection of winged beauties and blooms I see along the way.

Orange-crowned Warbler, Pheasant Branch Conservancy, Dane Co, 22April2017


Seagull Steve said...

That is an ill-timed illness. My condolences.

Cool OCWA, I've never seen one like that. It has a hood!

one of many said...

Appreciate the sympathy. I'm on the mend and getting back in the saddle, steady as she goes, making time for the birds, even if it kills me.