Thursday, March 20, 2014

Melancholy and Spring in Paradise

Today marked the official transition from winter to spring.  Despite commitments that forced me inside most of the day, I made a promise to get outside and seize the dawn of this new season. With ample time in the early eve I made good on my promise.

Feeling somber as of late, there seemed no better place to collect my day than Paradise Springs in the Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest.

The tranquil gloominess of this place is strikingly and most poetically beautiful. When I feel an enveloping distance from many aspects of my life, this place holds me close, leading me on a journey through my senses.  And at least for a while I am delivered to a plain of solace.

The mesmerizing imagery of reflecting pools juxtaposed against the melancholy masonry of fieldstone and concrete, draws me into contemplation.

With the slightest change in wind...or when debris kisses the water's surface, the perfectly mirrored landscape yields to nature's brush strokes in concentric ripples and swirls.

Images become transformed into reflections reminiscent of Renoir, changing to Monet, changing to a frenetic Van Gogh.

Perception changes from seeing beneath the water where evidence of fall still lingers, then back to the surface where the sky illuminates.

I traverse this place alone, but with company of you and you and this and that, until all of it takes on a deafening silence that gradually melts away into the patterns of my surroundings.

And even though the earth is barely waking after a long winter's freeze, the palate of this place is ever pleasing, diverse and rich.

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