Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring in Wisconsin

Ok so my goal here is not to make some masterpiece out of this blogging thing cause what happens is I NEVER post anything...So here's some quick pics from my garden as flowers and greenery emerge during this spell of Mother Nature's trickery. We hearty Wisconsinites know Spring is not quite here despite today's sunny low 60s.  At least one more snowfall however brief it may be is likely just around corner (like a few days if the forecast is correct).  Yet I can't help but get excited with what the gardening season will bring this year.  I've already begin cleaning up my flower beds. 

Crocuses are my first bloomers and last fall's spinach is ready for picking only days after 95% of our snow has melted. Good times ahead.  


Scott said...

First, please, when did the spinach grow, not fair that you have spinach you can eat in your garden in March ! I'm in Minneapolis, so I coulda done that ! Did it grow last fall and overwinter?
I have a hard time posting much also, I think the inner critic is too busy. I have imagined a strategy of thinking of my blog as just an online journal, forget the audience, just write for my self. I am too often thinking how I might persuade or educate or motivate someone else. This hasn't gotten me writing yet, but has potential, I hope. I really like many of the pictures you post and enjoy your writing, so I hope you'll find a way to hang around. Thanks !

one of many said...

Scott...I should have responded sooner. The spinach was planted in September and indeed overwintered. I also had one surviving Arugula sprig that also overwintered.