Monday, February 23, 2009

Seed Starting

Decided in the midst of a late February snow snowstorm to start ornamental flower seeds on Saturday 2/21/09 (see picture left for a garden shot 2/22); started my tomatoes, peppers and passion flower seeds tonight. A little early for the tomatoes and peppers but I was eager and had the time to do it.

Seed starting trays were washed in hot soapy water, rinsed, misted with straight vinegar, set for a bit and then rinsed again. Used Jiffy Premium Seed Starting mix, doesn't have clumps and sticks like the non premium mix. Wearing a face mask, I poored the mix into a large black tub and poored near boiling filtered water into the mix, stirred and continued adding water until the mixture was evenly moist but not soaked. Filled my seed trays and small pots with the potting mix, tamped, added seeds and then topped off with a little more mix. Flats were then set out under full spectrum fluoro lights in my sunny plant room with clear plaster lids to foster a warm moist climate. The 2009 gardening season is underway. Now although I'm a bit late, I will stratify my native seeds in the fridge in hopes my wimpy efforts will result in plants later this year....

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