Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Approaching Pandemicversary

Last March I discovered a nesting pair of Eastern Screech-owls. Fast forward to two days ago. 

The owl that marked the beginning of the pandemic for me is back in her same nest hole. Sweet as ever. 

Eastern Screech-owl, female, red-phase 8Mar21

I refound her while out checking the Madison lakes for open water. Despite the relatively mild winter, Monona and Mendota were both still iced over as a two days ago. By this time last year Monona had open water with a bounty of waterfowl. 

Eastern Screech-owl, female, red-phase 8Mar21

I will patiently wait for water to open in my patch. Meanwhile just to the southeast of my birding patch, other Dane county birders are racking up ducks and geese...Patience my dear.  
In other news I am fully vaccinated. I have been since late January. Ready to put the pandemic behind me. Perhaps premature to some, I travelled to the Lower Rio Grande Valley at the end of February. It was glorious, warm, bird-filled and felt reasonably safe. My vitamin D deprived soul loved every minute. Maybe in time I can muster a post... so many photos, so little time. And before you know it, the rush will be on...Repeat.



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